I’ve Booked My Flight Back to Melbourne!

A view of Melbourne's CBD from The Shrine of Remembrance located beside the Royal Botanic Gardens.

A view of Melbourne’s CBD from The Shrine of Remembrance located beside the Royal Botanic Gardens.

As I’ve mentioned in my About Me section of this website, last year I lived in Melbourne, Australia for ten months. I made the decision to move to Australia as part of the au pair program, which I thought was an interesting way for young adults who like to travel to see a new place from a more local perspective, since you end up living in the same city for a while. (I plan on writing another article about au paring and how to go about it in the near future, as that’s an entirely different subject worth exploring).

I ended up having a wonderful experience in Melbourne. I au paired for a total of two families while I was there, the first family for only a month and the second family for 7 1/2 months. I initially only planned to move to Melbourne for 4-5 months, but ended up extending my trip to ten. There were several reasons why I ultimately extended my time in Melbourne – because I loved Melbourne and loved Australia and wanted to spend more time there travelling the country, as well as I wanted to spend more time with my au pair family whom I had really come to love in the months I was with them. But I admit that one of the biggest reasons why I stayed was because I was dating a guy there whom I had really come to adore, and I simply wanted more time with him before I returned to Canada (we both assumed that when I moved back home our relationship would end).

Flash forward to today… FourteenΒ months after I made the decision to stay in Australia for another five months, and Nick and I are still together and very much in love. Our story of how we met and our relationship so far is a lengthily and quite interesting one, but it deserves a separate article that I may tell another time.

So here it is nine months after I left Australia and six months since Nick and I have last seen each other, and I just booked my flight back to Melbourne. I will be flying out of Toronto on November 3rd, and flying back home from Melbourne on January 25th, leaving me a good 12 weeks in Melbourne. I’m excited to keep this blog updated while I explore Melbourne again and do some more travelling through Australia.

I also have another trip planned from February 1st-8th. My family is renting a catamaran and going on a sailing trip/vacation through the British Virgin Islands. I’ve never been on a sailing trip for more than two days before, so I’m excited about this new way of travelling I will get to discover.

And of course, as I gear up to go back to Melbourne I will be posting a lot on here about how I’m preparing to go away for three months, and all the things I do to get myself organized and ready-to-go.

I also have an Instagram account that I will be posting my travel pictures to as I go.

I hope you will follow me on my journey over the next few months, as exciting things are starting to happen and things are sure to get interesting.

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