My arrival in Brisbane, Australia

I know I mentioned I was heading back to Melbourne a few weeks ago, and I did go back there. Unfortunately it’s been raining and chilly for the past two weeks, so I sit here writing this post from a hotel room in Brisbane’s CBD. After only two weeks in Melbourne, I got the opportunity to travel to Brisbane for the week because Nick (my boyfriend I’m staying with in Melbourne) got some work here. I apologize for it being so long since my last post, but I’ve been hard pressed to get a moment alone for the past few weeks, though I’ve continued to have ideas about new topics to write about. Now, since Nick is working during the day, I have this whole week to explore Brisbane and post about all the great things I find here, as well as finally have the time to write some of those posts I’ve been thinking about writing for the past couple of weeks. Yay!

I’ve contacted a friend of mine who used to live in Brisbane and she’s given me a few good ideas and some great places to eat, so I’ll likely be doing some reviews this week of places I’ve gone.

The beautiful view of Brisbane from my hotel room.

The beautiful view of Brisbane from my hotel room.

Last night Nick and I got some thai food from Caxton Thai Restaurant on Caxton Street in Brisbane. First restaurant recommendation of the week! They have great quality thai food for a reasonable price. We got the cashew nut chicken and the sweet and sour pork and they were both delicious. It definitely hit the spot and satisfied my thai craving. As a huge lover of thai food, I would definitely go back.

More to come on Brisbane throughout the week!

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