Cairns, Here I Come!


Exciting news my Irie readers! I’ve just booked flights/accommodation for a week in Cairns, Australia! It was a fairly last minute trip, so we (my boyfriend and I) actually leave in four days!

I’m SO excited for this trip because I’ve always wanted to snorkel/dive the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been a life-long dream of mine and something that’s definitely been on my Travel Bucket List for a while now. Although last year I got the opportunity to snorkel in The Whitsunday Islands and see a bit of the reef there (which was amazing), I’ve heard that experience is nothing like the reef in Cairns – with Cairns having exceedingly better snorkelling. So I’m very excited to get another chance to see the iconic Great Barrier Reef and all of the amazing animals that live there. I can’t wait to swim alongside sea turtles, dolphins, dugongs and all kinds of amazing fish.

I also plan on doing a tour through the Daintree Rainforest, which is not only the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest in Australia, but it’s also the oldest surviving rainforest in the world! I’ve been wanting to visit Daintree for well over a year now, but have never gotten the chance until now. As well as all of that, I’m also looking into possibly going white water rafting and doing some other tours as well.

And of course, I will be posting reviews of my accommodation as well as of all the tours I take. So stay posted for more Cairns updates to come next week!

One response to “Cairns, Here I Come!

  1. Looking forward to reading your blog posts! I will be in Cairns near the end of January for 3 days, and would love to hear about your experiences. I will be touring the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree as well as Kuranda Skyrail Cableway & Scenic Rail and Dreamtime Walk.
    Enjoy your vacation!

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