Packing List For A Beach Vacation

Since I’m leaving for Cairns tomorrow, I’ve decided to post my packing list for you. Because it’s going to essentially be a one-week beach vacation, with lots of adventures in between (like snorkelling, hiking through a rainforest, etc), my packing list reflects those plans.

This is what I’m bringing in my small, carry-on sized suitcase;

Walking down Whitehaven Beach in The Whitsundays, Australia.

Walking down Whitehaven Beach in The Whitsundays, Australia.

2 bikinis
2 beach cover-ups
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of jeans
1 skirt
3 sundresses (1 short & 2 maxi)
8 shirts
2 camis (for layering)
2 light cardigans/sweaters
1 warmer sweater
1 blazer (for dressing up)
4 pairs of socks
7 pairs of underwear
2 bras
2 high-wasted belts (for the dresses)
1 pair of pjs
1 pair of flip-flops
1 pair of wedges
1 pair of converse (sneakers)
1 beach bag
1 beach towel
1 wet bag (for storing wet clothes on the trip home)

As well as my toiletries and make-up.

Something I learned the hard way is that it’s always important to bring at least one warm outfit. Even if you’re travelling to a hot climate, you never know when the weather can go bad, and you might experience a chilly day/night or two. Because of that, I always bring a minimum of one pair of pants, one warm sweater and/or jacket, and at least one pair of socks. It’s also sometimes nice to bring a pair of track/yoga pants for lounging around in when it’s chilly (or you’re indoors with the A/C blasting), so that you have something other than jeans to cover your legs.

I’m wearing my warmer clothes on the plane, since it’s still a bit chilly in Melbourne anyway, and it’ll free up more space in my bag. I’m wearing jeans, a cami, a warm sweater, a pair of socks and my converse shoes on my flight.

As for my carry-on… I’ve chosen not to bring my laptop on this trip (Sorry guys! That means no updates until I get back!), so that’s freed up a lot of space and weight in my carry-on that I can use for other things.

I’m bringing some clothes (a pair of shorts, a bikini, a skirt, flip-flops, and a few shirts) in my carry-on backpack in case my luggage gets lost. As well, following the guidelines in my Carry-On Essentials article I previously posted, I’m also bringing; my travel folder, wallet, mobile phone, a book, my iPod, headphones, snacks, a water bottle, lip chap, hand lotion, my medications, glasses, power cords/adapter, sunglasses, jewellery, as well as any other valuables. I am not bringing any toiletries or sleep-aids (like an eye-mask, pillow, or ear plugs) since it’s only a short domestic flight and I don’t plan to sleep on the plane.

Talk to you in a week my Irie loves! xx

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