Adding Up My Australia Budget

If you remember, months ago I created a budget for the three months I would spend in Australia.

Now that I’m back home in Canada, I’m going to share with you how I did…

My original budget for Australia is posted below, with what I actually spent in bold.

Flights – $2000 – $1925 (round-trip from Toronto to Melbourne – includes seat selections)
Travel Insurance – $200 – $130
Tourist VISA – $130 – $130
Transportation – $150/month ($450) – $164
Rent/Utilities – $300 – $0
Food/Alcohol – $100/week ($1200) – $1542
Phone – $50 sim card + $50/month ($200) – $95
Travel – $1000 – $1292 (this only includes flights, accommodations, & tours – all other food/alcohol/spending money was factored into those other budgets)
Misc. Spending Money – $100/week ($1200) – *$1652 
Emergency Fund – $500 – $0
Expenses at Home – $250 – $230

Total Expenses: $7430 – $7160

*The Misc. Spending Money was broken down into four different categories – Gifts $380, Health $141, Clothing $914, and Misc. $217 (which includes entertainment, books, toiletries, sunscreen, etc.)


My biggest expenses were food/alcohol (which included dining out), my shopping habit, as well as two trips I did.

I went to Brisbane for 13 days and spent a total of $983 there. This included my flights, food, transportation, and additional spending money. The total does not include accommodation however, as I was in Brisbane to tag along on my boyfriends business trip, so the hotel room was paid for by his work.

I also spent 7 days in Cairns. This trip was much more expensive and cost me a total of $1616. That included flights, accommodations, food, tours and transportation, as well as additional spending money.

Where I saved money was by staying at my boyfriend’s house in Melbourne, therefore not having to pay for accommodation. This saved me a huge amount of money, as I would’ve had an extra 9 weeks of accommodations to pay for (an easy $2200, even for hostel dorm rooms, when staying in Melbourne or other major cities).

I also spent far less on transportation and on my phone than I thought I would. In terms of transportation, my boyfriend tended to drive us everywhere, so I used public transport way less than I expected to. I also got a far cheaper phone plan this time around than I did last year (only $30/month and the sim card was free).

All in all, I spent pretty much what I thought I would – although in different areas. Broken down, I spent an average of $2386/month in Australia. This included just over nine weeks in Melbourne, almost two weeks in Brisbane and one week in Cairns. Although I was conscious of my budget, I also didn’t hold back too much either, and left plenty of money for going out, seeing the country and having adventures – which is the whole point of travelling, right? 😉

How well do you think I fared with my budget?

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