Travel Bucket List

When you have a love for travel as intense as mine, you want to see the whole world and do everything you possibly can in it. Obviously that list would be a little exhausting to write (and for you to read), so here’s a list of the experiences I really want to have accomplished within the next few years…


  • Backpack through Southeast Asia (mainly Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Indonesia) for 3-5 months
  • See a wildΒ elephant while in Asia
  • Go on a sailing trip through the Caribbean
  • Do a camping trip in the Grampians, Australia
  • Spend a night sleeping under the stars in the Outback, Australia
  • Spend some more time on The Great Ocean Road, Australia
  • Go scuba diving/snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Cuddle a koala, Australia
  • Take a camper-van road trip though New Zealand for at least a month
  • Spend time in Greece and Croatia
  • Go back to Spain, Italy and the South of France and spend more time there (possibly live there for a while?)
  • Visit Montreal and Quebec City, Canada
  • Visit Boston, Las Vegas, and Savannah, U.S.A.
  • Take a road trip through California (visit LA, Santa Monica and San Diego), U.S.A.

(This list was written on 20/11/2013 and I hope to have completed it by 31/12/2016)

I got the idea for this page from my friend Amie over at The Lovely Nomad who created a similar travel bucket list and inspired me to do the same.

6 responses to “Travel Bucket List

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  4. Hi I am a new reader and I just love your blog! This bucket list is awesome, I am only 17 but I would LOVE to travel the world like you, hopefully after university!

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